How to Overcome Anxiety & Nervousness: 10 Effective Ways to Help You

Every one of us has encountered nervousness and anxiety at some point in our lives. Some people face it very frequently while some feel it rarely. There can be different occasions when you may feel nervous like asking out or proposing someone you love, during the examination, job interview, public speaking or anything else. But one thing is there you will agree. It can ruin your game. So you would want to overcome it.

Methods to Overcome Anxiety and Nervousness

Nervousness and anxiety arise in different ways for different situations. Therefore you may need specific methods for some particular circumstance. There may also be some ways which are applicable to multiple situations. But when you try them out only then you know what works best for you. Below are the ways to help you out to overcome anxiety and nervousness.

Stop Expecting the Negative

Generally, all the anxiety results from your imagination that something may go wrong. And you start to think of negative things that can happen to you.

But this kind of thinking isn’t helping you in any way. Instead, it is creating more of anxiety for you. If you stop expecting the negative, a large part of your problem is solved.

Try Meditation

Meditation is a proven method to relax your mind and achieving mental stability. It also helps to overcome anxiety very effectively. Actually, by meditation, you get stronger at controlling your mind so controlling negative thoughts and anxiety becomes easier.

Visualize Yourself to Be Successful

You generally get anxious when you see the possibility of failure at something important. But when you see the possibility of success, you feel confidence and a sense of power. Visualizing yourself to be successful is a very effective way to cope anxiety.

You can also remind yourself of the times when you were successful in similar areas in the past. This will also improve your confidence.

Think About Your Strengths

Sometimes when you visualize your success, the mind doesn’t believe it easily and you don’t feel very confident. But there is also something which your mind knows and trusts very well, that is, your strengths.

When you think about your strengths, it becomes more realistic to feel powerful and this helps to overcome nervousness and anxiety.

Take Action –Break the Ice, Don’t Wait

Very often your worry is intense until you start taking action. All the stress lies on the initiation. And once you start, things become easy.

For example, before a public speech, you will be feeling anxious. But once you go to the stage and start speaking, all the fear disappears after some time and it is easier for you to carry on. At the end you wonder why you were feeling the anxiety at all, things went so good.

But if you keep on waiting for confidence to come on itself so that you can start, then with every passing minute your fear and anxiety will increase. So you have to just jump into it with courage without waiting for long.

Just Think What the Worst Can Happen and Let It Go

Sometimes you feel unnecessary fear without realizing it. Just think what the worst can happen. You will realize that it is not reasonable to worry so much about it. You will still be ok even if it actually happens. And then let it go from your mind.

When you get mentally prepared for the worst, all the anxiety disappears. Note here that there is the difference between expecting the worst and feeling negative, and becoming mentally prepared for the worst and feeling relieved.

Realize that it isn’t the end of the world

In any case, when you are feeling nervous, just realize that it is not the end of the world even if you fail at it. Nothing ends. If you fail at one opportunity, more will always be there. Life goes on. And you have to enjoy every moment of it. Feeling anxious is only wastage of these precious moments.

These realizations are on a higher level of thought, at which anxiety and nervousness become meaningless.

Future Perspective

This one works very effectively to overcome anxiety. Just imagine yourself after a long time in future from now. It may be 5 years 10 years or more. Now imagine, how would you think about your past situation when you were feeling nervous. Certainly, you would feel all the worry to be useless.

For example now in the present, think of some past event long ago, when you felt nervous. Don’t you feel that it was silly to be worried about that? You may even laugh at some situations now which scared you in the past. All this extends to your future too. What makes you afraid now, won’t be so in future after a long time.

Distract Yourself

Sometimes simply distracting yourself from the situation works very well in order to overcome anxiety. It is so because all the stress is resulting because you are thinking about it right now.

When you distract yourself, your attention goes to something else and you forget your fear for some time. This way your mind gets the time to recover itself from the anxiety and nervousness.

Talk to Your Motivators

Your motivators are the people who always motivate you and make you feel confident. They are generally your loved ones, may be friends, lover or family members. When you talk to them, they tell you why you are going to succeed at it. This improves your faith in success and reduces the fear which creates nervousness and anxiety.

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