How to Decide your Priorities in Life and their Importance

Does your life seem to be going out of balance? Are you able to do what you desire? Do you get confused more often while deciding between what you ‘actually’ want and what you ‘should’ want? If your answers to these questions are negatives, then you need to decide your priorities in life.

Once you do that you’ll have to stick to them. If you do this, you will be surprised by the change you’ll notice in your way of living over time.

You may have always ignored this but now it is the time you actually have to take action. It may not be easy. But as I always say, don’t look for the effort but reward.

You have to choose the right priorities which lead to the life you desire. This article is here to help you out in making your priority list.

Decide Priorities in life

Why setting priorities in life?

A person says his relationships are most important to him but from his actions and ways of living it seem money is more valuable to him. Another person says he is very serious about his health but his lifestyle indicates the opposite (diet and routine).

These situations aren’t specific but actually are common to most people. But why they aren’t able to do what they care about most?

Truth is that there are many other things in life too in addition to what is most important to them. And they aren’t always able to do what they want because they do what they think circumstances demand.

What is the result of doing something different most of the time than what you actually want?

The outcomes you’ll get won’t be the same as you desire. It is common sense.

If you want better health but you’re always busy with your work and don’t exercise and eat healthy, what do you expect? You may get great results at your work but poor results in health.

Now if you set priorities in life and adhere to them every time then you won’t have to confuse while making important decisions.

When you get a very high paying job in some other country but you’ll be away from your family, chances are there you’ll get confused. But if you’ve listed relationships and family above money in priority, you’ll make the decision without a second thought.

At the moment you may doubt your decisions made on the basis of priority list but in the long run, you won’t regret them because you’ll be having what you really desire in life.

How to make the priority list?

Most people, who know the importance of having priorities in life, aren’t able to make their list. Actually, it is not so easy but also not so hard as you might think. It requires deep thinking and self-examination. Here are the steps you need to follow.

(1) Write down the things that matter to you in your life. It may commonly include money, health, relationships and other aspects you like. This list may include 10 or more items in any order.

(2) Now separate the list into two parts, what you actually want and what you should want. Think carefully while doing this.

‘Should want’ are your needs and ‘actually want’ are your desires. You should know the difference clearly for your case.

(3) Now comes most difficult part. Examine your current life situation.

Where you lack the most? Where are you doing more than required? What aspects of life are you satisfied with? Where is the dissatisfaction?

You need to be mentally calm and relaxed while doing this so that you do the right self-examination. Note down all these things.

(4) Now give ratings out of 10 to the things you noted in the previous step. 10 for best, 1 for worst.

(5) The ratings given will decide the order in which you will set your priorities in life. Take care that your desires aren’t dominated by your needs.  

(6) Don’t discuss with others while making the list, it may seem difficult to do it alone but it will be best for you. This is the way by which you’ll come up with true ideas in alignment with your brain and heart. 

How to use the priority list?

You need to be careful while using the list.

If currently your financial condition is poor and you’ve put money on top, doesn’t mean you start ignoring your health and family. They need your attention too. They are also on the list means they are also important to you.

Assigning a top priority to something means you will give more time and effort to it than you earlier did. You also have to give time to other things in the list however little less than top one, but not ignored.

It is possible that you made a list having 20 items. No problem with that.

You have to stop doing the things at the bottom as they are least important in case you aren’t able to manage to do all of them.

A Very Important thing to consider

Stick to your list seriously for about six months. Six months is not necessary you may set your own time period that may be more or less. But it takes a few months to actually notice any significant changes in your life.

After six months, repeat the process of making the priority list the way described above. It will help you to know about the progress you made.

As your conditions are now changed so your priority list may also change. For example, you put money on top but after six months you acquired a good supply of it. Now you can turn your attention to something different, say your relationships.

This examination after every six months or so is very important. There are two main reasons for it:

Your life doesn’t remain same so if you stick to the same list for long you may achieve more than required of something and a serious lack of the other.

It is also possible that the list you made wasn’t the best alignment with your heart. You’ll not notice this because difficulties and doubts come when following your priorities anyway and you’ll think of it to be natural instead of misalignment of it with your desires.

Having the priorities in life not only will save you from unnecessary time and energy wastage, but also will give you a better way of living.

And trust me, you’ll be glad later that you took this decision.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your priority list.

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