Have the Courage to Continue

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill

Let’s discuss a general trend we all see in our everyday life. You decided to form/remove a habit, develop some new quality or follow a new routine. In the initial phase of the process, you are enthusiastic and give it a warm start.

After some time you start to face the resistance which keeps on gradually increasing. A point comes when it increases to such an extent that you no longer can withstand it. Finally, you quit. But in case you don’t quit, you get the desired result.

But again it is always easier said than done. So how does all this process work? Understanding this important phenomenon can help you to have the courage to continue in spite of the resistance. But without any knowledge of it, you will keep on getting the same results as you have been until now.

An Analogy to How it Works

I am giving you here an example which can be taken as an analogy to how your mind works when you are trying to make a permanent change in yourself.

Consider a rubber band. Initially, it is not under any stress and is in its normal shape and size. Now you slowly start stretching it. Because of this you also start feeling a force which tries to oppose any change in the shape and size of a rubber band. It can be called as a resistance force.

The more you stretch, the more is the resistance force. Now you keep it in the stretched state for some time and then release it. You will notice that there is a permanent increase in size, though small, of the rubber band. But if you release it immediately after stretching, you may not see any change at all.

The process working in body and mind is much more complex but the basic principle behind is similar to the above example.

The difficult or high resistance phase accompanying change

You are undergoing any process to create a change of some kind like a new habit. After the initial phase, which is easier, comes the difficult or high resistance phase. During this, you face very high resistance from your body and mind. This is the time when majority quits.

But actually, this is the most important time which is the deciding factor for your success or failure. The biggest challenge is to have the courage to continue through this difficult phase.

The most important thing you need to know

Now here is the most important thing you should know. The efforts you made during difficult phase actually contribute most to the change you want to have in yourself. The efforts of the initial easy phase hardly make any count. During the difficult phase, you grow at the fastest rate. You become strong only at this time.

When you stay the course, resistance keeps on increasing. But if you decide not to quit at any cost then a time comes when the resistance starts to become weak. And the going starts to become easier. After that, you have successfully created the desired change in yourself.

Now the key here is that the point of the maximum resistance is actually the point where permanent changes in your body and mind take place. So in case you quit at this point, you miss the opportunity to success.

A common desire comes to mind when you are approaching the maximum resistance point. It is to quit temporarily and start again after some time. But when you do this, all your momentum and energy comes down. It is like you released the rubber band before stretching it to the maximum point.

When you start again you have to first gain the momentum and energy equal to the level when you quit earlier. Thereafter you proceed further.

Note hereby temporarily quitting you have delayed the achievement of the results. All this because you quit when the actual point came creating permanent changes.

So you should have the courage to continue in the high resistance phase if you want the actual results. If you want the success at creating any permanent change, you ‘have to’ pass this, whatever be the case.

However, one thing is there. If you are moving very slowly then it will take more time. But it will also offer less resistance.

For example, you want to start getting up 2 hours earlier than usual. If you get up half an hour earlier every day then it will take you 4 days to reach your target. This will offer very high resistance. But if you just get up only 10 min earlier every day, it takes you 12 days. Now time for change is more but resistance is less.

How to have the courage to continue during difficult phase

Here you understood the whole process in detail. Now you need to develop the determination so that you don’t quite near high resistance point. The following tips will help you in that.

Focus only on to keep moving

When you approach the high resistance point, your mind starts giving you excuses to why you should quit temporarily and relax for some time. But this is mind’s trick to oppose the change you want to create in yourself. So what you can best do is to focus only on to keep moving. Don’t think of anything else. If you do, your mind will form excuses to quit from anything you think.

Remind yourself of the process

Remind yourself that the permanent change happens only in this difficult phase. If you quit everything you did earlier is hard of any value. This will become your motivation. You are telling yourself that this appearance of high resistance is the indication that success is now very near.

Change Your Attitude

The general attitude of people during difficult phase is, “Oh God, I am going to suffer.” This type of thinking motivates you to quit.

While if you change your attitude, it can help you very well. “This hard time is going to make me stronger” Here you feel the courage to continue.

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