About Us

Hello, My name is Dinesh Kumar. I am the author of World of Self Improvement blog. On this blog, I share tips about motivation, inspiration, meditation, and other things by which you can make your life better.

The aim of this website is to help you grow and make you inspired for a better life. When I express myself by writing on self-help, it helps me in my growth too. I have kept the design of the website and language of writing, simple, so as to improve readability of the content. It includes articles on various topics of self-help like positive thinking, self-improvement, Law of Attraction, personality development, quotes and poems from famous authors from the past and the present.

Let me tell you something important here. This website can only help the person who is willing to grow. So don’t expect you will find something magical here that will change your life overnight. I don’t want to make false promises here. The truth is that it requires effort from your side to develop yourself. But according to my experience, it is really enjoyable and fun to the person who really has the desire to grow. It doesn’t seem effort at all.

This blog helps both of us, you and me.