10 Things Life is Too Short to Tolerate

One thing we quite often forget is that our time here in this world is limited. And nobody knows how much time is still available for them. We are to live every moment of this precious life. Life is too short to live unhappily. After all, our aim in this journey called life is to make it more enjoyable, full of happiness, exciting, memorable and amazing. There are many things you can do for it or probably you might be doing.

Things Not to Tolerate in Life

But there are many other things which can spoil our experiences. People do focus on doing things which make life wonderful but many times they ignore what is there that shouldn’t be tolerated. Below I am sharing the things which you should not tolerate at all because they not only waste your precious limited time of life but also rob you of your happiness.

Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are meant to give you and other people happiness, love, and joy. Unhealthy relationships give you the opposite instead. They waste your time. If you leave them you will have more time and energy available to invest in more loving relationships with right and like-minded people.

Toxic Friends

If you have toxic friends who always try put you down, it’s time to leave them. People who always do back stabbing at you and always focus on your negative side shouldn’t be there in your life anymore. You are better alone than having such friends. If you cannot feel happy by having great friends, then at least don’t be unhappy by having toxic friends.

Hating Someone

You might have experienced in your life when somebody did some kind of harm to you. This results in the feeling of hatred for those people. But just think, what does hatred gives you? It isn’t affecting those people, but you.

When you hate someone, you dominate “your own mind” with negativity and also this reminds you of those negative experiences which happened to you. Why stress your mind with something which isn’t doing any good to you?

It’s better to forget those negative experiences and people. Instead, remember and cherish the sweet memories and people who made you happy at some point in life.

Career You Dislike

Are you happy at what you are doing to make a living? Researchers reveal that majority of people aren’t satisfied with their work. There are many ways to make a living. You should find the career you really like and feel passionate about.

Many people work at a job they don’t like just because of the high pay they are getting. Money is important but you can’t buy back the moments of life you lost. It is better to earn less doing what you love than to earn more by doing what you hate.


Some people are dishonest. They show this in every area of their life be it relationships or work. If you have people in your life being dishonest with you, then they don’t deserve a place in your life.

You neither have to deal with such people in your work nor you have to be in any kind of relationship with them. If you look around, you will find many honest people who would love to be with you.

Bad Health

Health is very important if you want to have a wonderful life. You can enjoy anything the best when you are in a healthy state. If you are having some health problem then instead of tolerating it, try your best to eliminate it. Find time for exercising and have a healthy diet.

Lack of Time

Do you get sufficient time to exercise daily, doing activities you interest and spending it with your loved ones? If not, stop tolerating that and create more time. Identify the causes why you are having a shortage of time.

There are mainly two reasons either you are too busy with your work or you are poor at time management. See what your case is and act accordingly. You don’t have to stay in a field of work because of which you cannot find time for yourself.

Lack of Productivity

Are you able to finish your tasks well in time? You might be good at managing your time but is your productivity good? A high productivity is essential if you want to get free from your work early still get excellent results. Improving your productivity is the best option for you.

Negative People

Negative people are a kind of addicts who want to shower their negativity on others. If you let them, they can easily make you feel negative too. Life is too short to tolerate negative people in your life. You don’t have to give attention to them. Just ignore whatever they say or do.

If you start debating with them trying to prove them wrong, you are doing what they actually want, that is, to let you involved with them. It is going to only waste your time.


How is your daily schedule? Is it monotonous or something different happens frequently? Generally, people have monotonous routines every day. This sucks out any interest or excitement from life. Even if you daily do what you like but still doing it every day can’t be fun for long. You would need a different variety of experiences.

Don’t keep on doing the same things for a long time. Try new and different things. Go out with family and friends. Join some clubs or organizations of your interest where you meet new people. Change your job if there is no longer any passion in it for you. Make your life full of different experiences.

Change is not only required generally when there is something wrong but also when things are OK and you want to make them better.

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